Run like kids in 80 years of age

Run like kids in 80 years of age

How to drink Water for Effective Results

water benefits
1. After waking up in morning

Drinking a glass of water after waking up is immensely a beneficial habit. It feels like the water is activating each and every part of body.

2. Before taking meal

Make it your strict habit to always drink a glass of water before taking meal and never just after meal. The benefit water gives before meal is equal to the damage it gives after the meal. Thus, it is advised to change your habit. Better drink it after 20 to 30 minutes after taking meal but not just after meal as a closing.

Best Exercise for Energizing Brain

I came across a wonderful brain recharge exercise after which I myself started doing it and witnessed amazing results. Surprisingly it takes only 3 minutes a day. This is popularly known as Super Brain Yoga. It is not at all a difficult or a hard-to-do type of yoga.

Steps of performing Super Brain Yoga:-

1. Touch your tongue with mouth roof during whole exercise. 

2. Hold your right ear lobe with your left finger and thumb.

3. Hold your left ear lobe with your right finger and thumb.

4. Squat down while inhaling and stand again while exhaling.

5. Above four steps complete one cycle. Repeat this cycle for 15 times.

Note:- Breathing should be done properly through nose(mouth closed).