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Benefits of Perfume - Sunnah of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H

benefits of perfume rizq

Simple Dua Amal for Private Diseases - Men and Women

Simple Dua Amal for Private Diseases - Men and Women

Make your life easier with Bismillah


Live a good life without cash - Amal

amal for rizq live a good life without cash

Become Rich with Surah Kausar - Barkat wali Theli - Blessed Money Bag

Become Rich with Surah Kausar - Barwat wali Theli - Blessed Money Bag

If you want barkat in your money, then recite 129 times Surah Kausar (with Bismillah) with Durood Shareef (7 times) both at start and end. After this recitation, blow it on your wallet in which you have kept your money. This amal can be done once daily. But doing it twice daily is more beneficial. Whatever amount you have, keep it in the wallet on which you do this amal. Ablution(Wadhu) is not necessary for this amal. I have also uploaded related audio lecture as well as a reference book - MALDAR BANANE KA AZMOODA RAZ

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MALDAR BANANE KA AZMOODA RAZ Book Download Link:- http://snk.to/f-chpaze2f

Amal for all difficulties in life

Amal for all difficulties in life
If you are suffering from different problems, such as sustenance issue, diseases, black magic, family problems, then this amal is for you.

Recite last four verses of Surah Mominoon (Seven Times) and Prayer Call (Azaan) Seven Times, and then blow it on your right shoulder while imagining right ear, and then blow on left shoulder imagining left ear. Patient should do this amal himself, and family people can also do it. This can be done after every prayer and Ablution(Wadhu) is not necessary.

Ya Hafeezo Benefits

ya hafeezu protection dua
If you want to be protected everywhere, then Recite "YA HAFEEZU" 11 times before leaving house, before sitting on vehicle, or before starting any work. Insha Allah, Allah will keep you away from every kind of mishap, and every problem.

Surah Yaseen Benefits

surah yaseen benefits

Wazu Three Ghoont Pani - Amal

Treatment by Meditation

meditation treatment

Benefits of Bismillah

bismillah benefits

Dua for ALLAH's help in everything

dua for Allah's help
If you want Allah's help in every matter, then recite the above small verse 7 times. Read it either with strong belief or weak belief, Allah will help you. Everyone who will recite it seven times, then Allah SWT will be enough for his every wordly or hereafter problem.

Dua for difficult exam paper

dua for difficult exam paper

Benefits of Last six surah - Amal

last six surah amal

Benefits of Miswaak

miswak for memory
benefits of miswaak
Our success lies in the ways of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W. Miswak(Tooth-stick) is a sunnah of our Prophet P.B.U.H. He used to regularly clean his teeth with the help of Miswak. For example, you buy a shirt and there is a sticker on it which says that it should be washed in this and this way. now if you follow that way, your shirt will be useable for a longer time. Same is the case with Human teeth. Allah S.W.T created us. He created our teeth and told us to clean them with Miswak. Because Almighty Allah is all-knowing, so we should do what he said. Besides this, there are numerous benefits of using it.

Dua before Wadhu/Wazu/Ablution

dua before wadhu/wazu/ablution

Dua for beauty - Pimples on Face

Different Dua's

Dua for any Difficulty - Spiritual Atom Bomb

dua for any difficulty - Spiritual Atom Bomb

Dua for knowledge and Rizq Wealth - Nabwi Nuskha

Dua for knowledge and Rizq Wealth - Nabwi Nuskha

If you want to ask for good sustenance and helpful knowledge to ALLAH, then recite the above DUA. Recite it after Salam of Fajr Prayer.

Dua before entering toilet

dua for bathroom washroom

Dua before studying something - for students

dua before studying

Durood Shareef

durood shareef for wealth durood sadaqah

Dua for Eyesight and Memory

eyesight memory improvement

Daily after the Five Farz Prayers, place your hand on the head and recite eleven times YA QAWIYO (O Strong) for strengthening of memory, and eleven times YA NOORO (O Light) and place the end of your fingers on your eyes for improvement of Eyesight.

Amal for best memory power

amal for memory

Dua for Fulfilling Needs and Wishes

rabbi inni lima anzalta
Recite this dua for fulfilling different needs and wishes of your life. Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas quotes that: - When Hazrat Musa A.S. left Egypt, he had nothing to eat. He did journey by eating leaves of tree and vegetables. When he reached Madyan, he gave water to Goats, and then while sitting in shadow he was suffering from hunger. At that moment, he asked to Allah, "I am hungry, give me something to eat and some pace to live" so Allah fulfilled his prayer and made all arrangements.

Get Rich through Business and Sadaqa

become rich through business

Amal for wealth

amal for wealth rizq

Dua for Employment - Surah Dhuha

surah dhuha dua for employment

Dua for Success in Interview

dua for interview success

Make impossible possible by this dua - Surah Fatiha Amal

make impossible possible surah fatiha

Benefits of Surah Quraish

surah quraish benefits
Can't find a public vehicle? Facing problems during journey? Car has broken down, or anything then there is nothing to worry about. Recite Surah Quraysh 41 times with Durood e Ibrahimi 3 times in the beginning and the end. Insha Allah your problem will be solved. Besides this, it can also be done for barakah in provision. And do not forget to recite Surah Quraysh 3 times after every meal. Spread this message among your friends and families.

Dua for the best RIZQ

dua for rizq

Dua for complete protection

Here is the short DUA for complete protection. Just recite it seven times and remain in the protection of ALLAH ( SWT ).

dua for protection

First Kalma

first kalma

All Muslims over the globe must correct their first kalima, as it is the basic requirement of being a Muslim. One should correct his pronunciation and learn translation of kalima.

Do not forget to send gifts for the dead. Sounds astonishing? Yes, gifts for the dead are good deeds performed by the living and then imagining to send its reward to a relative or anyone who has died. It is no less than a gift for him or her. You don't have enough time then atleast recite first kalima once and gift it to your dead one.